Angela Williams


Angela has worked in a number of different healthcare roles and understands the value of a holistic approach to health. As a gentle and caring massage therapist, her massages allow each person to relax and provide an opportunity to reset, for the body to heal and to release tension. Using warm stones creates a massage that more-readily enables muscles to relax and helps promote well being .

Angela has experience in many related fields including reflexology, bowen, reiki, breathwork, meditation and bush flower essences and uses this knowledge to guide her massage technique. As a qualified trantric practitioner, she believes in the inter-connection of life.

Nicolas Morris BSc R.N.


Nicolas is a caring health professional with over 25 years’ experience. As a registered nurse he has experience in various healthcare settings and is familiar with a broad range of conditions.

As a massage therapist, he uses specialised techniques to give a deep sense of well-being and relaxation. He has been working with stones and combining them with deep tissue and trigger point massage for many years with great effect.

Nicolas provides a personalised service and has built long term relationships with many of his clients. He has awareness of his client’s changing needs and adapts the massage to suit those needs.